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Fast Action With Broken Key Removal in Putney 

Removing a broken key from a lock requires expertise, precision, and patience. Our broken key removal experts in Putney have them all in abundance – call Liam Locksmiths now!

Why Do Keys Break in Locks?

This happens all the time and often can’t be avoided. Keys snap due to:

  • Excessive force being applied when the key won’t turn
  • Inner lock plates needing cleaning and greasing, causing the key to jam
  • Locks being worn out and keys not fitting properly
  • Day-to-day wear and tear

Slick Removal Methods

Our simple techniques and specialist tools allow us to remove your broken key while causing the minimum of damage:

  • The lock will be thoroughly lubricated with products stocked in our mobile unit
  • A key extraction tool which is designed to come into contact with the teeth of the key will be utilised
  • The key pieces will be gently taken out without damaging the surrounds
  • A new key can be made from the broken pieces on site, as well as duplicates
  • This non-destructive operation means that drilling will only be done as a last resort
  • We’ll be able to help you at home, in the workplace, or with auto-related security issues.

A Benefits Bonanza!

As soon as you need a broken key issue dealt with, we’ll be there – often in less than an hour! Only professional locksmiths will carry out your service to ensure:

  • Your workmanship’s guaranteed – a six-month warranty is instantly provided after your service is complete
  • Your technician’s qualified – highly trained and experienced too!
  • Your safety’s our priority – if you’ve got an urgent security issue, we’ve got a rapid response team
  • Your customer care team’s always here – get help, advice, and support 24/7
  • Your quality’s assured – regular monitoring and assessment by supervisors ensures we comply with all industry measures and operating procedures

And Finally

  • Ask for a free, no-obligation personalised quote day or night
  • Request a same-day or short notice appointment
  • Book a slot for your broken key removal service any day of the year
  • Find out about our super discounts and special rates for returning customers