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CCTV Services Putney Delivered by Liam Locksmiths

Everyone has the right to protect their property, and this can be done best by using video surveillance as a security measure. Engineers from Liam Locksmiths will carry out your CCTV services in Putney, providing an excellent maintenance package too.

Why Your Business Needs CCTV

When you want to ensure stock is stored safely and your employees are protected from intruders, CCTV is the system you need:

  • Use the cameras as a powerful visual deterrent as thieves don’t want their identities connected to a crime
  • Reduce stress knowing that your premises are being well protected even when you’re away
  • Keep your staff safe and secure at work, making it a comfortable place to be
  • Inspire confidence in your insurance company allowing them to lower your premiums

Your Property, Your Choice

CCTV systems are beneficial to both domestic and commercial properties – you’ll be able to discuss your security needs with an expert:

  • You’ll get advice on our wide-ranging surveillance options which include covert, dummy, and hidden cameras
  • You can ask for a quote on any systems incorporating 24-hour monitoring, outdoor, internet, and wireless options
  • Arrange a convenient time for your installation of motion detection or night vision systems for instance
  • Your National Security Inspectorate approved engineer has access to advanced practices only available from market leading suppliers

Attention Grabbing Benefits

You’ll always get top-of-the-range surveillance schemes installed by highly trained engineers! Using us also gives you all of these unbelievable benefits:

  • 24-hour customer care – from trained, knowledgeable and experienced advisers
  • Rapid response teams – equipped and ready to deal with your urgent security issues in less than an hour
  • High-quality installations – only leading market brands and advanced systems will be fitted
  • Full insurance – all work is guaranteed for six months after your service completion
  • British Standards met – we comply with all current security industry rules and regulations

Putting You First

  • You can reach us day or night for support and advice
  • Get a cost estimate that’s fair and accurate, and absolutely free
  • Book an appointment on any day of the week with our hard working security experts
  • Make arrangements for an on-site visit so you can discuss your needs with an expert