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Affordable Door Fitting in Putney

New doors are indispensable as they provide extra security, reliability, and energy efficiency. Why not let experts from Liam Locksmiths provide you with a door fitting service in Putney that also gives great value for money?

Stunning Door Designs

Investing in new doors adds extra value to your property, as installing a co-ordinating or contrasting entryway can make a big impression!

  • Up-to-date materials and construction add durability and greater insulating properties
  • Doors in bright colours add visual stimulus to your entrance
  • Transform a dark foyer into one with natural light by having doors with sidelights
  • Newly design doors are layered to resist forced entry
  • Upgrading your door can mean upgrading your home or business security too

Sleek Fitting Moves

Your door fitter will arrive in a branded vehicle equipped with everything needed to install your doors. After your initial discussion you’ll be:

  • Given a choice of door materials such as uPVC, wood, composite, and fire safe and security door options
  • Offered an accurate quote and advice on additional security features
  • Assured of British Standard locks and accessory approval
  • Guaranteed doors that meet all of your expectations and deliver the security and longevity you need
  • Delighted with the service you receive from our qualified technicians!

Services Designed to Please You

We’re proud to report that over 95% of our customers would happily recommend us to family and friends. Want to know why?

  • Our customer support is never ending – you can get in touch with us at any time, on any day or night
  • We provide guarantees – for six months after your fully insured service ends
  • Your door fitter is qualified – as well as being vetted, background-checked, trained and certified
  • You’ll be offered flexible appointments – we work 7-day weeks to fit in with you
  • Our quality is assured – we only work with manufacturers who supply doors of the highest specifications

Don’t Forget

  • You can get in touch with us at any time for support, and to make your bookings
  • You’ll qualify for special rates if you’re a returning customer and discounted prices for adding extra services to your order
  • You can get a free quote before your service even begins
  • You’ll be able to book a same-day or short notice appointment, or an emergency one if required