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Organise Effortless Door Repairs in Putney

When you need help with door repairs in Putney look no further than us! We’ve got a team of experienced technicians trained in many aspects of door fixing and fitting, with the expertise needed to assist you at home or in the workplace – all you need to do is call Liam Locksmiths.

What’s The Problem?

Sometimes it may be less expensive to actually replace your door rather than repairing it, but don’t worry – your professional locksmith will give you a quote before any work begins. We offer repairs to:

  • Timber frames that are warping, bowing or rotting
  • Doors that rattle and let in the cold
  • Doors that won’t open, close, or lock properly
  • Plastic that has perished, become discoloured, or is peeling
  • Broken door fittings

Finding The Solution

We work with top quality materials such as wood, uPVC, composite, and fire safe options. We’ll improve your property’s insulation, appearance and security by:

  • Carrying out an on-site evaluation to determine the source of the problem
  • Choosing the appropriate tools and equipment needed from our fully stocked van
  • Making the necessary repairs quickly and effectively
  • Adding extra security features such as peepholes, chains, and letterbox protection if required
  • Replacing the doors if absolutely necessary – your highly experienced technician will ensure they’re fitted accurately and securely

We’re Your Kind of Company

Your technicians have full insurance cover, and after your door repair service is complete it’s guaranteed for six months afterwards. Other benefits include:

  • Quality assurances – supervisors constantly monitor and assess our work to make sure it meets all British standards
  • Qualified locksmiths – your professional is vetted, trained, and experienced in the security industry
  • Round-the-clock customer service – you can call us anytime for door repair information
  • Rapid response times – if you’ve got a real security issue we’ll get to you in 30 minutes if we can

Extra Special Options

  • Did you know we can visit you at home or in your workplace to discuss your door repairs?
  • You can call us day or night to ask about our quotes, all given freely and without obligation
  • We work seven days a week to fit in with your busy schedule
  • Same-day and short notice appointments are always readily available